We see 3000 advertisements every day.

Our brain blocks out about 2975 of them. Of these final 25, we cannot actively recall more than 2. To create relationships with your consumer and be remembered, you need marketing that doesn't interrupt them, but engages them. Let's get started.

Don't differentiate. Glow.

There are about 250 million websites in the world. That’s a lot. Now, compare this to 900 million Facebook pages, groups, and events. You thought it was hard to stand out in Google search results; clearly, it’s even harder (and several times more crucial) to stand out on Facebook. That’s where we come in.

At Glowstik, every endeavor, decision, and campaign revolves around simple values. We take risks. And we make mistakes. But at the end of the day, shameless innovation is what drives “the next big things”. We believe in taking bold action to capture your target customers’ attention through meaningful campaigns that focus on the social side of social media.

Thinking big is the only way to climb to the top of 900 million.

What We're All About

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Glowstik Works Free for Charities.

Ethical marketing

At the end of the day, it's not about marketing or making money. When we go home at night, every Glowstik employee's underlying aspiration is to change the world; this is our little way of doing it. From now until the end of 2012, we will provide our services for free to all qualifying charitable or non-profit organizations. Please give us the opportunity to make a little contribution to your great cause.